Comparison between Microteaching and Macroteaching

Microteaching / Brigade’s teaching
Macroteaching / Traditional teaching
Objectives are specified in behavioral terms. Objectives are general and not specified in behavioral terms.
Personalised & Student centered. Common and teacher centered.
Teaching is carried on under controlled situation. There is no control over situation.
Teaching is relatively simple. Teaching becomes complex.
The role of the teacher is specified and well defined to improve teaching. The role of the teacher is vague.
Identifying and analyzing educational needs and characteristics of a student. Identifying of educational needs and aspirations of the community.
Determining the specified class objectives and stating them in behavioral terms. Determination of the aims of education, broad strategies and structure of education.
Analyzing the contents of instruction and organizing them in proper sequence. Identification of man material resources and strategies for achieving the desired aims of education.
Evaluating the effectiveness of the classroom teaching, in terms of the students performance or change in behavior. Identification of major constraints in the environment and the ways and means of teaching them.
Providing appropriate feedback to the students as well as teachers to bring modification in teacher-learning process. Managing the entire educational system covering planning implementation and evaluation phrases.

“We are generally better persuaded
by the reason we discover ourselves
than by those given to us by others”