Definition and Meaning of Microteaching

Microteaching is a Scaled down teaching encounter in class size and class time.

Microteaching is defined as system controlled practice that makes it possible to concentrate on Special teaching behavior and to practice teaching under controlled conditions.

Microteaching is a teacher education technique which allows teachers to apply clearly defined teaching Skills carefully prepared lessons in a planned series of encounter with a student/small group.

Microteaching is a teacher training programme which reduces the teaching situation or makes it personalized teaching situation to a Simpler and more controlled encounter achieved by limiting the practice teaching to a Specific skill and reducing time and class size.

Microteaching is a real, constructed, Scaled down teaching encounter which is used for teacher training, curriculum development and research.
Microteaching programme is Organised to expense the trainee to an organized curriculum of miniature teaching encounter, moving from the less complex to the more complex.

Microteaching is a training technique which requires student teachers to teach a single concept using specified teaching skill to a small number of pupils in a short duration of time.

Microteaching is a training procedure aiming at simplifying the complexities of the regular teaching process. In microteaching procedure the trainee is engaged in a Scaled down teaching situation the practicing and mastering of specific teaching skill such as lecturing, questioning and mastering specific teaching skill such as lecturing, questioning or leading a discussion, mastering of specific teaching strategies, flexibility, instructional decision making, alternations uses of specific curricula, instructional materials and class room management.

Microteaching can be altered to suit many Circumstances. It is flexible and student centered education system. Time may be manipulated.

“With labor and management
working together in Common Cause-
and not against each other-
We can build and prosper,
and defeat any threat,
from whatever source,
against our own security
and the peace of the world”.